Dryer Repair

When you need dryer repair, don't put it off. Whether your laundry has started piling up by the mound or you're left hanging up damp clothes to dry around the house, you'll regret not having the problem fixed sooner. If your dryer is experiencing any form of performance-related trouble, from excessive heating to ineffective tumbling, ignoring it will only make the magnitude of the problem grow. So if you want to get your laundry back on track, your only choice is to confront the issue at its source with professional clothes dryer repair. At A+ Plus Appliance Service & Repair, we're available for a wide range of dryer repairs, and you'll be able to count on us for the top-quality results that will keep your laundry room running smoothly. Call or e-mail us today to get started!

While a dryer seems basic enough in theory—all it does is toss your clothes around until they're dry, right?—there are actually countless components at play in order to make the machine work. From drum bearings to motor belts, it's quite hard for the untrained eye to discern precisely what might be causing a specific problem, which is why A+ Plus Appliance Service & Repair strongly cautions against attempting washer-dryer repair on your own. DIY dryer repairs rarely see success, often ending with a phone call to the local appliance experts anyway. So toss out that Maytag dryer repair manual and avoid a Saturday afternoon punctuated by frustrated huffs and furrowed brows: Call A+ Plus Appliance Service & Repair instead! We're here to offer you the expert handiwork you need for total clothes dryer repair success.

Major dryer issues can manifest themselves in the overall performance of your machine. Call A+ Plus Appliance Service & Repair right now for washer-dryer repair if your unit exhibits any of the following symptoms:

  • It will not turn on.
  • Drum is not tumbling.
  • Clothes aren't getting dried.
  • Clothes are too hot.
  • Dryer is making disruptive noises.

A+ Plus Appliance Service & Repair has been Beverly's answer for top-quality dryer repairs for over 15 years. Our extensive experience has allowed us to learn exactly what it takes to get you the Maytag dryer repair or Whirlpool dryer repair you need. We've accumulated the kind of hands-on knowledge you won't be able to find in any old dryer repair manual. And with our reasonable pricing and commitment to quality service and solutions, we make washer and dryer repair something virtually everyone can afford. Dedicated to providing each and every one of our customers with unmatched customer service, we'll be there for you when you need our services the most. To schedule a service call, contact us via phone or e-mail now!

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